Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taos or bust /Orlando or sink /New Orleans or dance in the east village

  1. I WANT TO twitter/blogging is passe. no one sends me their poems or comments on mine. i KNOW THEIR ARE MISTAKES BUT AT LEAST i got to share a stack of papers i never thought I WOUYLD EVER DEAL WITH /this is quick and efficent /like a mix-master / No one becomes my follower /I DIDN'T THI
    NK ITR WOULD BE LIKE THIS /but I should known /art is always like this /kinda private /kinda no one is really that interested /a side-line /like a freak show/a bit more pale.

1982 /arriving in Indpls., a family of eight , deep consideration

  1. The sun closes its' eyes / on expected phone calls / unanswered business /leaving the dark loneliness of my heart's desire /to the cold night /of my dreams / a person's character is not formed until the closing breath /in this world / a chatter of birds and folks gratus / is all we really need / my nerves in uneasy buzzing of bees robbing my bones......