Friday, April 24, 2009

alter ego retrospective

The hall was quiet, more quiet than I realized/there they were/the little children waiting to eat/mostly chocolate/you ran to the window/mom was standing there.Her legs were shaking and her face was wrinkled/more so than we remember/ she had never left this country/a trip to the islands/a cruise/vacation in Vermont and the house in Canada whereSteve and Francy lived for almost five years/there were times when we wished that they were dead/hit by an avalanche or had fallen off the mountain/no one could keep up with them/they seemed to be advancing too quickly/we hardly had any children and they were approaching six kids/our homes were full of new sheets and pillows/they had wall to wall books and art/Francy sewed coats and cut large blankets/we watched for almost ten years while they stripped themselves of mundane and ordinary lifestyles/creating their own sense of being/this day we go upstate/eat in a gas station/stay close and pick up books on the library porch/we jump in the Crown Point Thrift Store Area find books/toys to bring home.we go to survive this next phase/it is grey and they cut the trees out front/we refresh ourselves in the good air 3/28/2009

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