Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Windy / Chicagotown

more voices
lapis voices
Ash sha sha sha
ch ch chicago
this spring
tugs to be worn
a sheer blanket of culture
the western plains / mist
of Satin Doll
like the echo of drum
the lake
like blue ice
blue buttons
African incense
red velvet
The Blues Room
odd spirits dance
out of the abandoned
hotel / a Turkish
girl wearing an orange
scarf pulling a camel
gangsters with cigars
pigeons fly in
and out of broken
We'll never leave you
do you hear
we'll never leave you
our baby / Moses
sits like ancient
rabbi / his face
falls over itself
more voices
lapis voices
Ash sha sha sha
ch ch Chicago


  1. Francy, I'm so glad to see and read your work. It's just wonderful.

  2. Francy, I am thinking about starting a blog. I'm not sure if I want to talk about my art, or a larger issue like Artists United for A Better America. As a creative person, I've often used my talents to help businesses. Some world corporations that are world renowned. Like many people in the creative class, I have lost my job when the work was done. Now I feel that I need to use those same talents to help America and the world become a better place for everyone. Do you think that as a blog, this might have some appeal. Let me know what you think.

  3. I just read these comments they're old but the feelings we have are always moving and productive-how is Darrel-the children-are you doing any writing,painting,Love, Francy

  4. Whatever you do is important-yes you are a rare talent-