Saturday, May 2, 2009

gifts for the poor /X'MAS '93,FLETCHER PLACE

  1. FATHERS GET NOTHING /NO STOCKING FILLED WITH SOAP /SUCKER OR TOILET PAPER CARDBOARD WITH MINIATURE TOOTHPASTE / THE TEENAGE TABLE /ONE CARTON OF BOXER SHORTS PER CHILD /ONE COMPLETE SUIT OF CLOTHES /dANNY STIL PLAYS WITH DOLLS [i LIE ] 2nds from department stores/ ping-pong tables laid out with gifts / slippers /t-shirts / rainbonnets / soap / volunteer ladies with glass ball earings bright sweaters yell at the parents / we mothers and fathers carry the bburdens /black bags filling up /the smell of mold / a rusty gym / a turkey scribbled across an index card/ a family large enough to receive a frozen bird/ navi wants a boat /

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