Friday, July 31, 2009

We skip out of town to Tucumcari/New Mexico/it is a rt.66 memorial

  • There is a dream/it always begins with a dream. We are prepared to risk everything to travel five thousand miles to the desert. Danielle prepares snacks and hotels/bottled water/she is our grand advisor and beautiful spirit daughter, We arrive in Tucumcari at sundown/we drive up the steep canyon road and see the red stone of our salvation. The earth seems to call us in to it. The sage infiltrates brains/for three days we harvest small gourds and try to center our selves /the lizards of the land. The paintings have a purple hue in the sky and the mesas seem to breathe the red air. It is hot and dry and the lakes are red puddles and rivers are stream deep in to the earth. We find one room adobe house and meet with the rancher who owns it. We will have to wait for a settlement.


  1. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this dream. New Mexico comes to life in this poem. Can't wait to see the paintings.

  2. Trying to understand what is going on these days in the little picture and also the big one. It's morning and we look forward to seeing you Kevin/Adam and Arthur. Life is full of misguided surprises/we have learned the hard way/not to expect anything. The air is good up here in the mountains/time to get busy and prepare for the day/run towards the sun