Friday, October 16, 2009

Sitting in the car with the radio on/just thinking about my baby

  • When we started this life we each brought a magnifying glass. You broke yourself and I tried to keep up/a little voice kept telling me that this way will work. All around us there were signs/don't cross this bridge/stay away from the water/fishing will lead to problems/but we kept traveling and hoping that we could outdistance the deluge against us. We went to the mountain/we went to the sea/we left each other standing in kneehigh water. Then after an eternity/our psyches became just enough damaged that the dream hardly exists. I have to conjure standing in a warm place with a candyplated shield and some ribbons and red flowers/I have climbed on to the edge of the building and fought with the junkies for a spot to pitch my tent. All the jewels are gone except one/ this cross of fire/this one slight beleagured hope that the mail will come on time and the coffee will be served by us and that for all time we will remember what we have forgotton and that we will go down in history as the ones who never gave up.

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