Saturday, April 25, 2009

letter to the editor

is that you Gene/ maybe I 'm dreaming / IU'm stuck in my own haiku /the styx /I just got this notebook and can't access my own / work on a twitter / or blog / help / I can't take the pain /the breath and depth of art...did the Kathryn Dunham biography come out / How is Amiri and Amini /do they welcome jewish poets at their basement readings /I'M SORRY THAT i HAVE A VOICE BUT CAN NOT PAY anymre at the newyorican or the venues around / can't go in the subway like H.D.---I'M HAPPY FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN ,FE FRIENDS AND MY OLD MAN, steve STOLLER,,,,,WE SEEM TO BE EXISTING FINANCIALLY DAY TO DAY...THIS ALL HURTS AND i CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME SOMEONE ASKED TO HEAR A POEM.......wOULD YOU READ OUR BOOK ...mEMOIRS oF AN uNKNOWN aRTIST..IT CHRONICLES OUR LIVES IN FICTION /USING eTHERIDGE kNIGHT /eLIZABETH mckim /henry madden / steve and his uncle painter Brad Boobis / days in INDY /jAMES bALDWIN AND aTL. /ME DON'T FORGET ME TRHE RED-TAILED HAWK ..PLEASE READ OUR BOOK...i GHOST WROTE IT /iT'S sTEVE'S VISION AND SIGNED jOHN sERPENT / PEWACE AND FREEDOIM / LOVE AND LET US HEAR FROM YOU....francy

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