Saturday, April 25, 2009


I HATE MY MAIDEN NAME SINCE i was 20 and found out that I WAS ADOPTED BY MY FATHER ; i wasone of bernies' fav campers and counselors. I CAME FROM CAMP DEERWOOD IN GREAT BARRINGTON MASS. SAY AOUT 1956 - 1969 - A LONG TIME - i vaguely remember you / I THINK i was taken for sister is lesley rothman and my brother mark ---half sibs..DID bETSY GROW UP TO BE AS COOL AS SHE WAS WITH HER GUITAR....i married a Stoller / any other questions / I LOVVE TO TALK ABOUT MY LIFE / CAMP COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PEOPLE,...REMEMBER WHEN THE NATURE COUNSELOR BLEW UP FIVE KIDS AND THEY WERE HELOCOPTERED OUT///I WAS THE COUNSELOR...WHERE WERE YOU DURING THE TRAGEDY...i was on O.D...ONE THING THAT'S INTERESTING IS THAT ALL OF THE RICH DUDES YOU ESSENTALLY REJECTED ME / mike Levine /Rich Berman / Bob SEgal name a few ...were on the move to made the god only buck or to further their careers ....but now I LOOK AT THEM AND KNOW THAT i'm the one who gained insight and richness in and love peace and goodness...WE HAVE 19 IN OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY/DID i tell you that all of our kids did well..........write back

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