Saturday, April 25, 2009

sub-ground duplex

HELLO YUSEF-IT'S YOUR OLD FRIENDS STEVE AND fRANCY - STILL AT IT -THOUGH ONE MIGHT WONDER HOW WE COULD BE THIS UNIMPRESSED WITH OURSELVES TO BE STILL PAINTING AND POETING...EYand E OF WAVE / SMILE /SALT / UNDERTOW AND DIVE / RETURN ///// we still are here in the Bronx and upstate gig...tho we took a trip to the mesa in NEW mEXICO....DROVE RIGHT BY THE i70 exit to Indy / shit we love you / if you are in a position to look at paintings / let Steve know / otherwise stay cool / in the new administration....someday we'll talk...francy


  1. next time exit! love is waiting for you there.

  2. wOW/I GUESS i didn't think you'd bust me /We're scared to go backwards /too much pain involved /in one way / we had so much growth there /had our hair down /too many people heard us fight / Without Etheridge /it's pretty empty in Indy /We bwouldn't want to get sucked back in to Fountain Square...I love you